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Criminal sexual conduct, commonly referred to as rape, is a serious sex crime because it involves forcing another into having sexual intercourse totally against their will and in a violent manner. Rape has different classifications in Minnesota, and these classifications depend upon whether a weapon was used, the victim's age, and whether an injury resulted. A number of factors are going to determine the exact classification, which will determine the consequences.

In a majority of cases, rape is a felony and results in at least one year in prison and high fines. In order to avoid the most serious of consequences, a competent and experienced Minneapolis sex crime defense attorney is needed to handle the case. When you hire us, you know what your options are and you know what your rights are. You are entitled to a strong and competent defense.

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As with many crimes, there are different types of rape.

These include:

  • Statutory rape
  • Child rape
  • Pedophilia
  • Date rape
  • Marital rape
  • Ongoing sexual abuse

All of these come with varying consequences, depending upon the factors involved in the crime, which will determine the penalty.

Rape is referred to as criminal sexual conduct and is charged in one of three degrees. They are first-, second-, and third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

First degree involves:

  • A victim under the age of 13 with a defendant more than three years older than the victim
  • A victim between the ages of 13 and 15 with a defendant at least four years older
  • A victim under the age of 16 wherein a significant relationship exists, such as one that involves threats, force and other acts that instill fear into the victim
  • A victim in fear of serious injury
  • The use of a weapon
  • Injury is caused whether the victim is an able-bodied individual or someone is incapacitated in some way
  • Other individuals are involved in the commission of the crime

Second- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct have factors similar to first degree, with the exception to the age limits and whether or not the defendant was in the health care profession (third degree).


A Minneapolis sex crime lawyer will construct defense strategies with the sole purpose of benefiting you. The story presented by the prosecution is challenged, questions are asked and the evidence is reviewed. Just as there may be evidence against you, there may be evidence that works in your favor and needs to be shown to a jury. All options are explored in order to achieve positive results.

Rape is a serious crime, so you need powerful legal representation. Even if there is some degree of guilt, that does not mean you need to pay the maximum penalties. With an attorney's help, you may have a much better outcome in your case that can range from reduced charges and penalties, to completely dismissed charges.

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