Grand Theft

Grand theft is the act of taking property that belongs to someone else against their will with the intention of permanently depriving that person of their property. Grand theft is the term that is used to describe the theft of a car, but this term can apply to many forms of property.

A theft is considered grand theft when the dollar value exceeds a specific amount. Grand theft can involve money, personal property, labor, or anything that belongs to another person that is taken. It is a crime that no one wants to be accused of, let alone convicted of, because of the severe consequences it presents and the stigma it places on a person's reputation.

Grand Theft Vs. Petty Theft

There is a line that is drawn between petty theft and grand theft. In many cases, petty theft can be considered a misdemeanor, especially when the amount is below $500 and depending upon the circumstances surrounding the theft. There can be factors involved that aggravate the charges and cause them to be more extensive, which result in a more severe punishment.

Of course, grand theft is a felony and will be punished as such with jail time and/or fines. Furthermore, there is a mark on your permanent record, which is left by petty theft as well. Both offenses can prevent you from maintaining your job, finding a new job or finding a place to live, and can ruin your reputation as being someone whom others can trust. That is why you need a good Twin Cities grand theft defense attorney working for you.

Grand Theft Examples

Grand theft is used to describe a number of acts with the following being the most common grand theft crimes:

  • Vehicle theft — The crime may be considered petty theft if the car falls below a certain value; above a specific value and it is considered grand theft.
  • Shoplifting — Although it can be difficult to imagine stealing enough to cause shoplifting to be considered grand theft, it does happen.
  • Firearm theft — Rather than the value of the item stolen, the fact that it is a firearm can be considered grand theft. It also depends upon the type of firearm stolen.

Unfortunately, grand theft is on the rise and it is occurring on the internet in the form of identity theft and credit card fraud. There are also many forms of grand theft that are white collar crimes and occurring within businesses. This tends to be where the line between petty theft and grand theft is exceeded.

Minneapolis Grand Theft Defense Attorneys And Lawyers

If you have been accused of grand theft, you shouldn't be alone in your case. Do not talk to anyone until you have an attorney present, because you do not want to say something that you shouldn't and have it used against you in court. It is very possible to have your charges eliminated or reduced. This is done by putting together a strategic and powerful defense for you. So call us today at 612-332-2000 or fill out our contact form for your free case evaluation.