Unsafe And Dangerous Products

Unfortunately, unsafe and dangerous products are hitting store shelves all the time and sometimes lead to injury when used as directed. There are laws in place in Minnesota with safety standard requirements that help inform consumers of any possible dangers before they use the product. In the meantime, the manufacturer has a duty to make sure the product is designed and manufactured in a way that is safe for the consumer to use.

A product that is unsafe and dangerous can contribute to an already hazardous situation. There are cases in which a situation would not have been so horrifying if the product had done what it was intended to do. For instance, a faulty car part can lead to an accident. Had the part been manufactured correctly, the accident would never have happened.

Unsafe Products That Are Naturally Unsafe

Of course, there are some products on the market that are not intended to be safe, but the consumer is warned so that they can exercise caution. For example, a knife is not safe. However, it does have a specific use that is necessary. Most people know that if they improperly use a knife, they are going to get hurt.

However, if you are using a chemical that is in a bottle with a handle that you did not know would break off and it spills onto your hand, then you have a product liability issue that can be taken to court. The bottle had a design flaw or a weakness that led to your injury. That is not your fault.

Unsafe And Dangerous Product Claims

Unsafe and dangerous product claims are very technical cases. The attorney needs to know the law surrounding product liability issues, and experts may be called upon to ensure that the product was, in fact, defective when used normally. It is also possible that the product liability claim could lead to a class action lawsuit. This is common in cases where a product causes injuries over a large population, and frequently occurs in regard to drugs and products with design flaws that affect an entire product line.

Here are examples of unsafe and dangerous product claims that Minnesota personal injury lawyers have pursued for clients:

  • Defective medical devices
  • Dangerous prescription drugs
  • Lead poisoning
  • ATVs, bicycles and other vehicles with defects
  • Defective food
  • Contaminated blood products
  • Defective tires
  • Asbestos

These are just some examples of defective products; the list goes on and on. Individuals have received compensation from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers so they do not have to pay present and future out-of-pocket expenses for their injuries.

Minneapolis Unsafe And Dangerous Product Attorneys And Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured due to an unsafe and dangerous product, you have the right to pursue monetary damages from the responsible parties. You can claim lost wages, pain and suffering, disability and any other monetary damages your attorney deems necessary in your case. To learn of your rights and options after being injured by a product, call 612-332-2000 or fill out our contact form for your free case evaluation.