Were You Injured By A Defective Or Dangerous Product? You May Have A Product Liability Claim.

If it is a product, it has the potential to become the subject of a product liability claim. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer and all involved in the sale of the product to the public to ensure that it is safe to use when used as intended. The law states that an individual can file a product liability claim against the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who place a faulty product into the hands of consumers.

Unfortunately, there are products that have led to deaths when they seemed otherwise harmless. Consumers buy products, placing their trust in all involved from its manufacturing to its presence on a store shelf. They trust the labels and instructions, and they trust that because it is on the shelf it is not going to hurt them.

The Responsible Parties

The manufacturer has an obligation to make a product safe so that injury or death does not occur. This means performing adequate testing and ensuring that every piece is safe. The safety of a product even involves the material it is made out of; for instance, you do not want your child to play with a toy painted with lead in it. This could lead to lead poisoning, which can be fatal.

While the wholesaler and the retailer have a high degree of trust in the manufacturer, they do have their own responsibilities. It is not uncommon for a wholesaler or a retailer to notice that there is something wrong with a product. On the retail side, frequent returns of an item can suggest an issue. If customers report to a retailer that a product caused an injury, this must be reported. If the retailer does not report or pull the product from the shelf, more injuries can result.

Here are common reasons for product liability claims seen by Twin Cities product liability attorneys:

  • Tire blowouts due to faulty tires
  • Mechanical defects in automobiles
  • Drug recalls
  • Faulty car seats
  • Mislabeled products
  • The absence of specific warnings
  • Toxic materials
  • Faulty construction of the product
  • Faulty medical equipment

Every single year there are thousands of accidents due to faulty products. In rare cases, death may result. Sometimes, a lawsuit can lead to a simple caution label being placed on a product. The lawsuit forcing the manufacturer to place this warning could save someone's life.

Types Of Liability Suits

There are differences between manufacturing defects and design defects. In a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer did not use adequate quality control. Safety was not checked before the product entered the market. But in the case of a design defect, something about the design of the product itself causes it to malfunction when used as intended. A design defect is common amongst all products in a particular line, unlike a manufacturing defect that may only involve a specific lot or just a few pieces.

Minneapolis Product Liability Attorneys And Lawyers

If you have been injured due to a faulty product, then you need to do something about it. You've incurred medical costs, you've most likely lost wages, and you've acquired other damages that you did not ask for. What you need is an experienced and aggressive attorney to inform you of your rights and your options, and to make sure you get the outcome that you deserve. Call us today at 612-332-2000 or fill out our contact form for your free case evaluation.