No-Fault and Liability Insurance Requirements for Ridesharing Services

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Minnesota Laws Address Insurance Requirements for Ridesharing Company Drivers

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 65B.472, Minnesota law now requires drivers for ridesharing companies, referred to as “transportation network companies” in the statute, to maintain minimum coverages with monetary limits beyond the statutory coverages required for non-commercial drivers.

The statute requires that drivers for ridesharing companies maintain auto insurance policies that provide the following minimum limits in effect while the driver isnot “engaged in a prearranged ride”:

  • $50,000 coverage for bodily injury or death of a single person during an accident
  • $100,000 coverage for bodily injury or death of 2+ people during an accident
  • $30,000 coverage for property damage resulting from an accident

When a driver is engaged in a pre-arranged ride, the statute requires minimum coverage of $1,500,000 for liability claims arising from an accident, including claims for death, injury, or property damage.

Minn. Statute 65B.472 also sets forth requirements regarding underinsured/uninsured and no-fault insurance coverages for drivers of ridesharing companies. Perhaps most significantly, the statute makes the no-fault coverage of the rideshare driver primary for injured passengers while a prearranged ride is underway.

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