Having a Valid Prescription Will Not Defend You Against DWI Charges

Bottles of prescription medicine.

It seems unfair to be charged with a DWI for taking medication that was prescribed to you by your doctor, but that is exactly what can happen in Minnesota, so it is important to be aware of the law and your rights. Many prescription drugs are capable of impairing a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and, as such, even if the prescription is valid, driving under the influence of it can still earn you a DWI conviction.

Below are a couple of examples that illustrate how you could face a DWI charge in Minnesota if you are caught driving under the influence of your own prescribed medication:

  • Your doctor prescribed Vicodin for an injury you recently sustained. Before running some errands, you took the prescribed amount and, while on the road, a police officer noticed you swerving left of center. After witnessing this, the officer pulls you to the side of the road and requests that you be tested for drugs. The test reveals that you have narcotics in your system and, because Vicodin is a Schedule II drug, you receive a DWI charge.
  • You have a valid prescription for Adderall, which is also a Schedule II drug. You hit the waters in your boat with your friends, but are involved in an accident, which causes your boat to flip. The police are called and it is discovered that you have Adderall in your system, resulting in a DWI charge.

Although both of these examples involve incidents where an individual took a Schedule II drug, you could also face DWI charges for taking a Schedule I drug.

Can These Charges Be Challenged?

Having a valid prescription is not an adequate defense for DWI charges. That said, if you can prove that you were taking your prescription according to your doctor’s instructions, the charges levied against you could possibly be dismissed.

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