Minnesota Legislature Declines to Restrict Phone Use While Driving to Hands-Free Devices Only

A person texting and driving

Minnesota Families Pressure State Lawmakers to Pass a Distracted Driving Bill

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, Minnesota families who have lost loved ones due to distracted driving gathered at Minnesota’s state capitol building to pressure lawmakers to enact a law that would limit legal cell phone use while driving to hands-free talking only. The proposed bill would prohibit Minnesota drivers from handling their cell phones at all while driving, allowing them to use only voice-activated technology programmed into their cars.

The bill made it through an important committee and ended up in the House. However, despite significant public pressure and moving rhetoric from family members who have lost loved ones in distracted driving accidents, Republican leaders in the House refused to bring the bill to a vote. As a result, it will not be made into law and talking on the phone while driving will remain legal in Minnesota.

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