Factors in fatal car accidents

If you are like many people in Minnesota, sometimes it takes seeing hard numbers in print to fully understand and embrace the scope of a problem. Learning about just how many people die on the roads and highways in the state each year can be difficult but it can help people to understand the continued need to seek compensation and to keep looking for new ways to improve safety for all.

Information released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration makes it clear that really no one person can completely avoid the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident. Too many reckless people are able to make too many dangerous choices that put you and others in harm's way. In 2016, 392 people were killed in wrecks across the state. Of those, 45 were killed in Hennepin County alone.

Alcohol levels above the legal limit of 0.08 percent was a noted factor in 93 of the statewide deaths and 10 of the county deaths. Driving too fast was stated to be a factor in 92 fatalities across the state and 16 across the county. Even people who chose to be on foot could not be safe all the time as 58 pedestrians lost their lives in Minnesota last year, 17 of whom died in crashes that occurred in Hennepin County.

If you would like to learn more about the options available to you or a loved on after a collision has happened, please visit the car crash compensation page of our Minnesota accident and personal injury website.

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