New partnership targets safety in autonomous cars

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Minnesota residents know that when it comes to autonomous vehicles, one of the big benefits touted by the companies that are developing these cars is improved safety. While this is understandably of interest to most people, it is also important for drivers to understand exactly how this improved safety may come to be. Additionally, consumers need to be able to trust that the technologies used in self-driving cars is actually reliable and capable of keeping them and their loved ones safe from accidents.

Integral to the development of any self-driving vehicle is the ability for that vehicle to be able to detect other cars or trucks on the road. The autnomous cars must also be able to sense when there are other potential obstacles in a path of travel. These obstacles may be signs, roadblocks, pedestrians, bicyclists, buildings and more. A technology referred to as LiDAR has been identified as one integral to allowing these things to be seen by autonomous cars so that appropriate driving actions can be taken.

LiDAR works by providing detailed three-dimensional maps of the area surrounding the vehicle. One vehicle parts maker working on autonomous technologies has just announced that it will team up with another technology company to leverage the latter's LiDAR abilities.

While companies continue to work hard to find ways to improve the safety of self-driving vehicles, collisions will still happen. When they do, Minnesota residents may find talking with an attorney a useful way of determining how to proceeed.

Source: Tech Crunch, "Delphi and LiDAR-maker Innoviz partner on self-driving tech," Darrell Etherington, August 18, 2017

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