In trucking, the 'No-Zone' is the danger zone

We discussed what some of the major dangers for large commercial trucks can be in our previous blog post. Professional truck drivers can be negligent just like any other passenger vehicle driver. When they are, however, the scale of an accident tends to be much greater.

There is a high risk of motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks, too, because of what the trucking industry and the FMCSA call the "No-Zone." Basically, the No-Zone is a large blind spot surrounding a semi-truck or other big vehicle.

If you remember anything from your own driving course, hopefully one memory is that around any passenger car is a blind spot. That area that you have a hard time seeing without taking proper measures of caution while driving also exists for truckers. It is a bigger threat, though, because the blind spot is bigger.

To prove the threat level of an 18-wheeler's No-Zone, you should know that about one-third of all truck accidents involve the larger vehicle's danger zone. While that percentage includes cases of negligence both on the part of passenger vehicle drivers and truckers, it goes to show how important adequate surveillance is while navigating the roads.

It is understandable that most drivers wouldn't know about a truck's No-Zone. Commercial truck drivers are different. They are specially trained to safely handle their vehicles. They should know the risks they pose while working. They should understand the danger driver negligence on their end poses to unsuspecting motorists.

If you believe you are the victim of a negligent truck driver, seek legal help. A trucker not seeing your car while in the No-Zone has no excuse. Inadequate surveillance is a reason to try to hold him accountable for his error.

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