Truck-load of information about truck accidents, part 1

We have all seen large commercial trucks on the road, maybe even this morning on your way into work. We know how big the vehicles are. We know that they can seem to take up the whole road and often, they seem to be going too fast for comfort.

What do you really know about truck accidents? The reality that a truck accident could harm you or a loved one is as real as the fact that you see trucks on the roads every day. There are various common causes of truck crashes and reasons why trucks in particular are potential dangers on Minnesota roads.

Why truck accidents happen:

Poor training: Companies that employ truckers must train them to adhere to safety standards and all applicable traffic laws.

Driving under the influence: Just as a driver of any other vehicle can put motorists in danger by driving while drunk or on drugs, truckers make that negligent decision, too. When they do so, they have a much more dangerous vehicle in their hands and are a deadly traffic threat.

Driver fatigue: When drivers are pushed too hard to transport their loads they might work too many hours. There are laws regarding how many consecutive hours of driving truckers can do before they need a rest. Too often, accidents involving commercial trucks are because drivers work too long and are too fatigued to drive safely.

Distracted driving: Texting while driving is a proven danger for any driver. It is hard to believe that truck drivers would have the nerve to fiddle around with their phones while driving, but some do. A moment of phone distraction can lead to lifelong loss for unsuspecting Twin Cities motorists.

In our next personal injury post, we will discuss truck accidents further and highlight an important issue specific to large vehicles: the "No-Zone." Have you witnessed or been a victim of trucker negligence? Please, share your experience, and contact a truck accident attorney who can evaluate whether you have a viable legal option.

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