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November 2016 Archives

Large truck accidents in Minnesota

Have you ever been next to a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle on the road and felt a bit apprehensive? The sheer size of these vehicles relative to the average passenger vehicle can understandably make motorists and passengers feel vulnerable. This is with good reason as the consequences of collisions involving large trucks can be catastrophic. Just how serious are large truck accidents in Minnesota?

The Holiday Season Can Lead to Careless Driving in Minnesota

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, winter is often operating at full force in Minnesota. This reality can make running holiday errands a challenge. When roads are icy and darkness dominates so many of the waking hours, drivers can get tired, distracted and stressed.

Distracted driving a serious hazard in Minnesota

Minnesota residents looking forward to a joyous holiday season filled with celebrations with family and friends should stop for a moment to consider some of the things that might get in the way of these events. Drunk driving might often get a lot of attention for the danger it presents to innocent people on the road and with good reason. However, it is far and away not the only risk that motorists, passengers and pedestrians must be aware of.

Officers avoid criminal charges and official discipline

Minnesota residents have watched with their counterparts around the country as case after case of police misconduct comes to light. It can be understanding for people to begin to wonder just what can be done to keep people safe from those who are supposedly tasked with doing so. Whether a matter of race, economics or other factors, unfair and even deadly treatment of people by police is an ongoing problem.

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