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Adjust your driving style for Minnesota's winter weather
Adjust your driving style for Minnesota's winter weather

Frigid temperatures, snow and ice may make you want to hibernate until spring, but more than likely, your life has to go on despite winter weather. That means that you still need to drive to work, the store and many other destinations even in inclement weather. If you have ...

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    • Driver distraction a serious threat to safety

      With the Christmas and New Year's holidays fast approaching, Minnesota residents may be on alert to potential drunk drivers on the road. With an ...

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    • Study shows roundabouts reduce accidents

      People who have been driving in Minnesota for any length of time have no doubt seen many people virtually speed up to get through an intersection ...

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    • Factors in fatal car accidents

      If you are like many people in Minnesota, sometimes it takes seeing hard numbers in print to fully understand and embrace the scope of a problem. ...

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    • Adjust your driving style for Minnesota's winter weather

      Frigid temperatures, snow and ice may make you want to hibernate until spring, but more than likely, your life has to go on despite winter weather. ...

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    • Can you trust the evidence?

      You are probably the person who best knows your child. After all, you were the one who offered love and care, who nurtured during illnesses and who ...

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    • At fault, negligent, reckless, liable: Are they all the same?

      What if you're driving along a Minnesota highway on your way to visit friends or family, and suddenly another vehicle tries to cut you off on the ...

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    • The Disabling Features of an Accident-Related Ankle Fracture

      Car accidents are a known risk factor of operating a motor vehicle. Even riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle has its risks. While some accidents ...

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    • Dealing with PTSD as the result of an accident

      When litigating personal injury cases, we have to recognize that not all injuries are physical and therefore apparent. Many people who are victims of ...

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    • Whiplash: A Common Car Accident Injury with Serious Consequences

      Everyone knows that car accidents are potential risks which accompany every single trip. Car accidents can range in severity from simple fender ...

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    • Are bus drivers able to use cell phones?

      When it comes to distracted driving in Minnesota, more and more awareness is being brought to the dangers of this behavior. In the past decade, ...

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    • What are local school bus driver regulations?

      Throughout the year (yet especially in the fall and spring) you likely notice those familiar yellow school buses ferrying children and teens back and ...

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    • Biker hit and killed by 19-year-old driver

      For motorcycle enthusiasts in Minnesota, summer is perhaps the best time of the year. They can hop on their favoritewheeled vehicles and enjoy riding ...

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    • Woman hits and hurts two people on motorcycle

      For many motorcycle enthusiasts in Minnesota, summertime is all but synonymous with open road time. The ability to ride on a motorcycle without ...

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    • What are the biggest risks to motorcyclists?

      The Memorial Day weekend is commonly considered the unofficial start to summer. For many people in Minnesota, that signals the real start to ...

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    • Excessive force is not okay

      Do you know the Fourth Amendment protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures, including the use of excessive force by law enforcement agents? ...

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    • Use of force by police

      If you follow local or national media, you may have heard stories about how police officers have engaged in inappropriate conduct. This may happen in ...

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    • Officer subject of police force investigation

      Across the country, more and more stories seem to be emerging about the inappropriate use of force by police officers. In Minnesota, residents see, ...

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    • How serious are truck crashes in Minnesota?

      Driving next to a tractor trailer or other massive commercial truck can easily make a driver in Minnesota in a standard passenger vehicle feel not ...

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    • FMCSA rules to combat trucker fatigue

      If you are like many people in Minnesota, you may well wonder how the commercial trucking industry monitors fatigue among drivers. This is just one of ...

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    • Construction zone patrol increased for safety

      Many of the laws that Minnesota drivers must abide by are in place in an effort to keep people safe. From speed limits to yielding the right of way, ...

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