What are the biggest risks to motorcyclists?

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The Memorial Day weekend is commonly considered the unofficial start to summer. For many people in Minnesota, that signals the real start to motorcycle season. Motorcyclists have the right to be able to enjoy their time on two wheels but always have to be aware of the risks that come with riding on the road with other vehicles.

Autos CheatSheet outlines the top 10 risks that bikers face at any given time. Of those ten risks, five involve drivers of other vehicles including those in the number one and number two positions on the list. The biggest danger to motorcyclists comes in the form of oncoming traffic. With the increase in distracted driving, it is no surprise that there is growing concern about cars that drift into the path of a motorcycle coming the other way. The second biggest risk is a car waiting to make a left turn that pulls out in front of a bike because the driver doesn't see the biker.

Passing a parked car may seem harmless enough but when a person in that parked car opens a door into a motorcycle, the consequences can be severe. The same is true of cars making lane changes but fail to notice motorcycles in the process. Several other motorcycle crashes happen when passenger vehicles rear end bikers.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead is meant to give Minnesota residents who ride motorcycles an idea of the real danger that they face when sharing the road with drivers in cars and other vehicles.

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