Your helmet might not protect you from a TBI

You wear a helmet to protect your head in the event of a crash. As you ride your motorcycle, you remain vigilant and watch for any changes in traffic patterns or obstacles that could cause you to crash. Even so, you can't ensure that other drivers do the same. If you become involved in an accident because someone else failed to obey traffic laws, remain sober or pay attention to the road, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury even if you wear your helmet.

Determining the severity of your TBI

A significant blow to the head caused by a motor vehicle accident could cause temporary or permanent damage to your brain. The severity of your TBI depends on the following factors:

  • You lose consciousness, especially for an extended time.
  • You suffer any level of amnesia, for example, you can't remember the accident
  • Your skull fractures.
  • You suffer a post-traumatic seizure.
  • Your brain scan shows some sort of abnormality after the accident.

These factors provide doctors with a guide regarding how to treat your injury appropriately.

Open versus closed brain injuries

Two types of brain injuries exist:

  • Closed: In this type of head injury, no penetration of the skull occurs. Your brain slams into the sides of your skull due to an impact such as a sudden deceleration or hitting the ground. Damage could occur to one part of the brain or the whole brain.
  • Open: In this type of injury, an object penetrates the brain and causes injury to a specific portion of the brain.

The potential for severe brain damage exists in both types of injuries. Damage from the primary injury could threaten your life, but it could take days to know the full extent of your injuries. Your brain could swell, or it could lack the oxygen needed to function properly. These reasons alone require that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after a blow to the head regardless of the circumstances.

Immediate Medical Needs

Emergency responders work to stabilize you for transport. Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors handle immediate concerns such as bleeding inside your skull or on your brain. The body uses swelling to protect an injured area, but in the case of a TBI, swelling presents a significant danger to your brain. Doctors might need to relieve that pressure to keep you alive.

As time progresses, you could suffer from chemical imbalances, which could cause behavioral and cognitive changes. It could take time, but these imbalances should rectify themselves depending on the extent of the damage. The human brain possesses the amazing ability to repair itself, if possible. However, like any other muscle, it needs physical therapy to improve.

Your recovery

Your recovery could take a substantial amount of time during which you incur significant medical costs, as well as losing income and other financial resources. If your injury resulted from the negligence of another, you might recover compensation through Minnesota's civil courts. It would be beneficial to obtain the advice and assistance of an attorney to help you seek potential damages for your monetary and non-monetary losses. Any damages awarded to you could help with your current and future financial needs associated with your injuries.

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