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Can you trust the evidence?

You are probably the person who best knows your child. After all, you were the one who offered love and care, who nurtured during illnesses and who stood beside your child during the toughest years of growing up. You did your best to raise your child to know right from wrong, and you were shocked when police arrested him or her for a serious crime.

At fault, negligent, reckless, liable: Are they all the same?

What if you're driving along a Minnesota highway on your way to visit friends or family, and suddenly another vehicle tries to cut you off on the road, but misjudges the space between you and smashes into your vehicle? Although you may be happy just to be alive, you may also be looking at a long, hard road ahead for recovery. Hopefully, first responders attended your injuries in a timely manner and transported you to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Car accidents could cause serious head, brain trauma

The fear of involvement in a car accident can plague many Minnesota residents, you included. Though some people may think of such fear as irrational, car crashes occur every day, and many of those incidents result in individuals suffering serious injuries. If you find yourself involved in a collision, you could easily suffer from a severe head injury that has significant impacts on your life.

These facts about drunk driving may sober you up

As the story goes, even Henry Ford believed that drinking and driving don't mix. History records that he said, "booze had to go when modern industry and the motor car came in," and there were nowhere near as many vehicles on the roads as there are today. In fact, there really weren't as many roads either.

Your rights during a traffic stop

A police officer following you for several miles can be intimidating. Were you going too fast? Is your tail light out? Did you fail to come to a complete stop at the last intersection? The officer may simply be patrolling his or her regular route or waiting for a safe place to pull you over.

If you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, who is to blame?

If you fell and suffered injuries as a result of that fall, you may feel embarrassed and assume that the accident is your fault. In some cases, slip-and-fall accidents and trip-and-fall accidents are not actually the result of clumsiness or personal error, but rather, they may happen due to dangerous conditions and other preventable circumstances.

How cargo issues can cause truck accidents?

On Minnesota roads, it is easy to spot tractor-trailers. While an increase in the amount of these vehicles shows economic stability and even improvement, it also presents a threat to public safety. Truck accidents are all too common, and many of them have serious, if not fatal, consequences. If you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in such an incident, you may have legal recourse.

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