The Disabling Features of an Accident-Related Ankle Fracture

Car accidents are a known risk factor of operating a motor vehicle. Even riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle has its risks. While some accidents might only scrape the paint, even the most minor of car accidents can lead to serious problems for people involved.

Medical injuries can mount during car accidents and while health insurance might be able to help in some situations, many people still have high deductibles that can create a significant amount of stress for an individual and their family. An ankle fracture is a common injury resulting from car accidents; however, this doesn't mean that it isn't serious.

How is an Ankle Fracture Sustained in a Car Accident?

When people are involved in a car accident, they often have their feet extended at the front of the car as they try to slam on the brakes to avoid the accident. The front of the car is meant to crumple to distribute the force of the accident across the entire car. Unfortunately, this also means that the person's feet are subject to the crumpling of the car. When the car crumples, the feet go with it. This is how people sustain an ankle fracture.

What are some of the Symptoms of an Ankle Fracture?

The symptoms of an ankle fracture can vary in severity depending on the type of fracture; however, some of the symptoms are predictable. Patients will be in a severe amount of pain and unable to walk on the ankle. There might be bruising in the ankle region and there is almost always swelling involved. Some people might have a pins and needles sensation if the nerve is damaged. If they take off their shoes. They might not be able to put their shoes back on.

How is an Ankle Fracture Diagnosed?

There might be some clinical suspicion for an ankle fracture based on the symptoms but most ankle fractures are confirmed on an x-ray. The doctor may order other imaging procedures if there is suspicion of blood vessel or ligament damage.

What are the Treatment Options for an Ankle Fracture?

Many ankle fractures will require surgery to set the bones in place, especially severe fractures that are sustained in car accidents. If the fracture is small or non-displaced, surgery may not be needed as the bone will heal on its own with a cast. Even after the cast comes off, patients may need physical therapy to learn how to walk on the repaired ankle again.

Clearly, an ankle fracture can be a debilitating injury that can cause medical expenses to mount. This can be tougher if people miss work due to injury. For help covering these expenses, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance.

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