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How serious are truck crashes in Minnesota?

Driving next to a tractor trailer or other massive commercial truck can easily make a driver in Minnesota in a standard passenger vehicle feel not only dwarfed but also quite vulnerable. If you have ever experienced this, you are far from alone and you are right to be aware of the potential danger that exists when cars, pickup trucks and other automobiles collide with these big rigs. A look at some statistics show just how many people die in these types of crashes each year.

FMCSA rules to combat trucker fatigue

If you are like many people in Minnesota, you may well wonder how the commercial trucking industry monitors fatigue among drivers. This is just one of many things that may be a factor in contributing to an accident. If you ever see a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle on the road, you should know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does have clear rules about when and how long a driver may work and when breaks are required.

Construction zone patrol increased for safety

Many of the laws that Minnesota drivers must abide by are in place in an effort to keep people safe. From speed limits to yielding the right of way, when drivers fail to obey the laws and rules of the road, they can put themselves and others at risk of serious injury or even death if an accident were to occur. When these accidents involve commercial vehicles like tractor trailers, the danger may increase due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles.

Large truck accidents in Minnesota

Have you ever been next to a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle on the road and felt a bit apprehensive? The sheer size of these vehicles relative to the average passenger vehicle can understandably make motorists and passengers feel vulnerable. This is with good reason as the consequences of collisions involving large trucks can be catastrophic. Just how serious are large truck accidents in Minnesota?

In trucking, the 'No-Zone' is the danger zone

We discussed what some of the major dangers for large commercial trucks can be in our previous blog post. Professional truck drivers can be negligent just like any other passenger vehicle driver. When they are, however, the scale of an accident tends to be much greater. 

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