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October 2017 Archives

Factors in fatal car accidents

If you are like many people in Minnesota, sometimes it takes seeing hard numbers in print to fully understand and embrace the scope of a problem. Learning about just how many people die on the roads and highways in the state each year can be difficult but it can help people to understand the continued need to seek compensation and to keep looking for new ways to improve safety for all.

Are bus drivers able to use cell phones?

When it comes to distracted driving in Minnesota, more and more awareness is being brought to the dangers of this behavior. In the past decade, reports of accidents caused by drivers who were using their phones to make calls, send or receive texts or even to make social media posts are no longer unusual. Sadly, these actions have left many innocent people injured and have even taken the lives of others.

At fault, negligent, reckless, liable: Are they all the same?

What if you're driving along a Minnesota highway on your way to visit friends or family, and suddenly another vehicle tries to cut you off on the road, but misjudges the space between you and smashes into your vehicle? Although you may be happy just to be alive, you may also be looking at a long, hard road ahead for recovery. Hopefully, first responders attended your injuries in a timely manner and transported you to the nearest hospital for treatment.

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