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Current events remind public that civil rights are at-risk

It might sound cliche to say that watching the news these days can be depressing. News stories run over and over showing violence, disparity among members of the community and misconduct by the government employees whom Twin Cities residents should be able to trust the most. 

Watching the news is one thing. When injustice happens to you, it is another. Because so many of us are raised with the idea that police are our protectors, our friends, we don't want to accept that police do wrong. When they violate your rights, however, the only way they can be held accountable is if your recognize that and act.

The goal of this post is to highlight the most common ways that police can violate your civil rights. Here are some reasons why you would want to seek legal representation related to police misconduct: 

  • Illegal search of your house/property/person
  • Illegal seizure of property
  • Excessive force
  • False arrest/wrongful detention

Victimization via one or more of the above actions is serious. Not only does it represent a wrongdoing to you as an individual, but it represents a threat to your entire community. Filing a civil rights claim can help you try to reclaim some power while also reminding authorities that they are expected to act ethically. 

If you have any concern regarding the actions of authorities and your civil rights, you need a lawyer who understands the complexity of these cases as well as the importance. Taking on a government entity can be daunting and complicated. Trustworthy, experienced legal support will help you through the stressful time and help keep supposedly trusted officials in-check. 

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