How Long Do I Have To File A Claim After A Car Crash?

Like every other state, Minnesota law places a time limit on how long after a car crash you can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries and damages. Also known as the statute of limitations, this time limit is important to be aware of, especially since a court can dismiss your claim if you file it late ― meaning you may be left holding the bag.

Fortunately, however, the statute of limitations for most auto-related injuries is far more generous in Minnesota than in other states. In fact, if you suffer an injury in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you typically have six years to file your lawsuit.

You Should Still Act Quickly ― Contact Meshbesher & Associates Today

Just because you think you have several years to file your lawsuit doesn't mean you should wait. In fact, your actions immediately following a car accident may impact whether or not you are ultimately able to collect compensation for your injuries. Not only must you quickly collect witness names and contact information, but you also need to gather all relevant evidence before it is lost ― including pictures of the scene, tire marks, etc.

In addition, while most car accident victims have six years to file their claims, it may be less depending on the circumstances. For instance, if a government vehicle or employee was involved in your accident, you may have only 180 days to file your claim against the government.

Regardless of the situation, however, your best course of action is to contact one of the experienced attorneys at Meshbesher & Associates as soon as possible. We will carefully explain your rights and guide you through this often-complex process. Contact us 24 hours a day at 612-332-2000 or reach out to us online. From our Minneapolis office, we serve clients throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We offer free initial consultations, so you have nothing to lose ― contact our lawyers today.