Federal And State Appeals

The appeals process is in place for those individuals convicted of crimes who feel like they did not get a fair trial. If you feel that there are grounds for an appeal and the court system feels the same way, you may be granted the opportunity for evidence in your case to be looked at again. This means you can be defended again and your conviction possibly overturned. This is something that can be done on both the state and federal levels and requires an attorney who is well-versed in both state and federal appeals' processes.

Do You Have Grounds For An Appeal?

Some individuals hesitate to speak to an attorney about filing an appeal; it may be because they are not sure they have grounds for it and do not want to ask if they don't. While the U.S. justice system is the greatest in the world, mistakes can also be made. Sometimes this is due to a faulty defense the first time around and other times there are other factors that came into play, such as a tainted jury. These fatal flaws in the system can work against you. These flaws include:

  • Testimony that was improperly allowed
  • Errors in instructions given to the jury
  • Procedural errors
  • Evidence that was not included and should have been
  • Prejudicial evidence
  • Testimony that was not allowed and should have been
  • Corrupt jurors

The list can go on, but if any of the above exists or there is any other factor that could have influenced the outcome, then you have grounds for an appeal and your Minnesota appeals lawyer can file for that appeal on your behalf.

Civil Appeals Vs. Criminal Appeals

Civil court and criminal court are two completely different court systems. The reason is because civil court deals with monetary awards and such, while criminal court deals with the actual trying of the crime in question. Civil court does not deal with the crime itself.

In civil cases, jury awards have been overturned due to appeals as well as other verdicts. In criminal cases, harsh sentences have been overturned for more favorable sentences, while there have been cases that have been completely dismissed and an individual's conviction totally overturned. This has resulted in a lot of innocent people being set free after being wrongfully imprisoned or having their permanent record tainted in a way that their future is significantly impacted.

Twin Cities Criminal Defense Attorneys And Lawyers

If you have reason to believe that your conviction was wrong or that a person received a monetary award from you that is of an improper amount or should not have been awarded at all, you may have grounds for an appeal. Our experienced attorneys will review every inch of your case to see what occurred during the initial court hearings and during the trial to see where just cause for an appeal lies. We will then file for that appeal on your behalf and fight to have penalties reduced or completely dismissed. To get started, call us today at 612-332-2000 or fill out our contact form for your free case evaluation.