Client Testimonials

I was accused of a felony stalking crime by my brother and was looking at 48 months in prison if convicted. I was innocent, but I knew that without a solid defense team on my side, I could have gone to prison for a crime I did not commit. After several months of battling with the prosecutors, Steve Meshbesher & Associates convinced the judge to dismiss all of the charges. I walked away from the case an innocent and free man, and I can now petition the court to seal all of the records related to the charges. Thank you Meshbesher & Associates!
- Blake

I was charged with first degree aggravated robbery. After hiring other attorneys that encouraged me to plead guilty and serve prison time, I reached out to Meshbesher & Associates because of their reputation for fighting criminal charges. Steve and Dave began an independent investigation into the alleged victim and discovered he was a police informant with a history of deceit and dishonesty. We took my case all the way to trial, and the alleged victim decided not to show up. Case dismissed.
- James

I switched to Meshbesher & Associates after initially hiring a law firm that was not responsive to the questions I had about my car accident and injuries. From the start, my attorney Rich Student provided the legal guidance I needed during my recovery. Rich settled my claim against the driver who caused the accident for the liability policy limits. He then got me additional compensation through an underinsured motorist claim with the insurance company of the vehicle I was in when the accident happened. At the end of the day, Rich made sure that I was fairly compensated for all of the medical bills, loss of income from my small business, and pain and suffering I experienced because of my injuries.
- Tommy

When I had legal problems Kevin and the team at Meshbesher and Associates helped me get through the rough road and I was treated like family not a client. They helped me every step of the way, whenever I had concerns or questions they were always there for me and I never forget that.
- Robert