Civil Rights Victories

$475,000 Compensation for Exonerated Prisoner

Client was wrongfully convicted of criminal sexual conduct and was imprisoned for over one year. He was exonerated and freed after law enforcement discovered evidence that the sole witness against him had falsely accused him. Meshbesher & Associates pursued a claim for compensation under Minnesota's recently enacted law that allows exonerated individuals to do so, and successfully negotiated a $475,000 settlement with the State of Minnesota at mediation.

$175,000 Settlement - Wrongful Imprisonment, Federal Tort Claims Act

Client was held in federal prison 406 days beyond his release date. Meshbesher & Associates filed a lawsuit under the Federal Tort Claims Act against the United States, alleging negligence and other claims for relief. Discovery revealed that employees of the Bureau of Prisons had miscalculated client's release date and that this miscalculation resulted in client's over-service of his prison sentence. Meshbesher & Associates obtained a settlement of $175,000 from the United States.

$130,000 Settlement For Inmate Denied Emergency Medical Care

Client was an inmate at MCF - Stillwater when he suffered from a rare and life-threatening epidural hematoma along his cervical spine. Despite his objections and reported neurological symptoms, a prison nurse failed to refer him to a medical doctor for further treatment. Later that night, prison guards also failed to bring him to a doctor. Our client sustained permanent neurological injury as a result of the delay in treatment. The state of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Corrections settled the matter at mediation for $130,000.