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Man with brain cancer kills runner in accident

Minnesota residents who are involved in or who lose loved ones in motor vehicle accidents deserve at least to have some of their questions about such incidents answered. These questions often involve or center around why such a thing would happen to them or to their loved ones. People may also ask why a person who caused an accident would make such a dangerous choice.

Family mourns death of mom, wife due to impaired driver

Minnesota residents know that the risk of a traffic accident is a sad reality on area roads and highways. While some crashes may be only minor fender benders and involve honest people with proper insurance, others are anything but. Too many Minnesotans suffer due to the outright negligence and lack of concern for others.

Are traffic fatalities increasing or decreasing?

Are you one of the many Minnesota residents who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident in the past year or so? Perhaps you have even lost a loved one in an unnecessary crash caused by another negligent driver. If so, you may find it interesting to know that across the nation, the number of deaths in automobile wrecks has sadly been rising.

Pedestrians face increased risk on Minnesota roads

While in the midst of winter, fewer Minnesota residents may be outside for exercise or pleasure walks than during other seasons. However, that does not eliminate opportunities for people to be pedestrians. Even walking across a parking lot to get into a store puts someone in that position. Whether walking the dog, heading into a store or waiting for a bus, pedestrians are everywhere and new information suggests that they face more dangers than in prior years.

The Holiday Season Can Lead to Careless Driving in Minnesota

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, winter is often operating at full force in Minnesota. This reality can make running holiday errands a challenge. When roads are icy and darkness dominates so many of the waking hours, drivers can get tired, distracted and stressed.

Distracted driving a serious hazard in Minnesota

Minnesota residents looking forward to a joyous holiday season filled with celebrations with family and friends should stop for a moment to consider some of the things that might get in the way of these events. Drunk driving might often get a lot of attention for the danger it presents to innocent people on the road and with good reason. However, it is far and away not the only risk that motorists, passengers and pedestrians must be aware of.

How many people die in drunk driving accidents in Minnesota?

Minnesota residents have seen the penalties for drinking and driving change over the years while public awareness about the dangers of drinking has driving has increased. Sadly, these shifts have not managed to prevent many people from continuing to make the dangerous choice to get behind the wheels of their cars after consuming alcohol. Even more tragic is the fact that numerous innocent people die in drunk driving accidents every year. Just how many of these deaths does Minnesota experience?

Immigrant with two prior DUIs kills woman

It has been several decades now since advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have elevated public awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Nonetheless, drunk driving continues to be a serious problem in Minnesota, injuring and killing innocent Minnesotans every year. The law has yet to find a way to fully crack down on this issue.

Back-to-school is in the air; road debris shouldn't be

"I miss being a wife," says a now single mom who lost her husband to a preventable car accident about a decade ago. No, his accident wasn't caused by drunk driving. He wasn't a victim of distracted driving, either. The husband and father died when debris fell out of another vehicle, he tried to avoid the debris and crashed with another car

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